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2017/18 League Rugby Action Kicks Off Tomorrow

November 24, 2017
kru championship

The 2017/18 league season across the three tiers i.e Kenya Cup, KRU Championship and Nationwide as well as the Eric Shirley Shield reserve league on Saturday 25 November 2017.

To get the entire season’s fixtures across the different leagues, click on the links below

Kenya Cup http://www.kenyacup.co.ke/upcoming/kenyacup/

KRU Championship http://www.kenyacup.co.ke/upcoming/championship/

Nationwide  Nairobi http://www.kenyacup.co.ke/upcoming/nairobi/

Nationwide Western http://www.kenyacup.co.ke/upcoming/western/

Nationwide Rift Valley http://www.kenyacup.co.ke/upcoming/rift-valley/

Nationwide Central http://www.kenyacup.co.ke/upcoming/central/

Nationwide Coast http://www.kenyacup.co.ke/upcoming/coast/

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