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Blogger Robert Alai Arrested at Gunpoint

August 19, 2017

Controversial blogger Robert Alai has been arrested over publishing ‘sensitive story’ and detained at Kamkunji police station on the morning of 18 August.

According to the blogger, armed officers from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit ordered him out his vehicle at gunpoint before driving him to Kamukunji police station.

“They blocked the road and ordered me out at gun point. I was then bundled to another car and driven to Kamkunji police station where I am since 10 am on Friday,” Alai stated.

While confirming Alai’s arrest, an officer who requested for anonymity stated that a senior person in “society” had complained over a story the blogger wrote recently.

Following his arrest, other bloggers have taken to the internet calling for Alai’s immediate release under the hashtag #FreeAlai.

Via sde.co.ke

Some of the comments by popular bloggers are:

“Before you work with Jubilee as a Blogger, think about Blogger Bogonko Bosire who disappeared and now Arrest of Robert Alai”
On another angle, it will be thoroughly interesting to know on what law will the Kenyattas charge Alai. This is just drama”
“What’s so sensitive in saying a member of first family had died?

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