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How to Apply for a Single Business Permit in Nairobi

August 25, 2017

Single business permits are required for the stable operation of any business in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya. The permit is necessary for ensuring that a business complies with the set rules for that specific type of business. The procedure for securing a business permit is alike, but the cost might differ depending on the type, size, and position of the business.

Requirements to utilize for single a single business permit



To obtain a business permit the business should be registered and have a business identification number, physical address, a business name, Copy of certificate of incorporation, National ID/Passport No., Alien ID or Asylum pass.

Guidance on how to get a single business permit

1. If you intend to get a new business permit, you must go to the ward office or visit the City Hall Annex 1st floor – Licensing and inquire for the BR-1 form.

2. Fill the form and take it back to the ward licensing officer who pays your business a visit in a day to verify it. In case of renewal, a copy of previous year’s SBP shall be added.

3. The information collected by the inspection team will determine the payments to charge for the license. The BR-1 form is next stamped, and you are transferred to the main office,

4. At the main office, the form is approved, and the data entered in the single business permits database.

5. This is followed by the production of an invoice bill, and installment is made to the payment office.

You can check out the latest business permit fees here

6. The business permit is acknowledged, and you are instructed to collect it from the dispatch office.

The business permit is valid for one year

To pick your business registration certificate visit their offices with your Registration invoice and National ID/ Passport


Visit the licensing office with your single permit receipt and your ID/passport. Visit the counter written ‘dispatch’ and hand the officer your invoice and ID or passport. He or she will search through the pile of certificates for yours.

If ready they will give you and record your name and ID/passport details to know who picked the license. If not then you are out of luck – try again two weeks later.

In case you have any questions and inquiries, you can call the numbers below for assistance in Nairobi county.


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