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Kayfar Drops Charges on Politician

August 17, 2017
Watanashati Classics CEO Kayfar

Watanashati Classics CEO Kayfar seems to have cooled after vowing to sue a politician who vied for Meru’s municipality ward for failing to pay them their dues. Kayfar, whose company had been contracted by the politician to make campaign materials, only received half the money, with the rest set to be given before the eve of the General Election, but the politician went MIA and has since not answered his phone.

Having blasted the politician on social media, it took the intervention of elected MCA Elias Murega, who promised to clear the debt owed to his rival on the ballot box. “My lawyer was ready to initiate the process to help us legally recover our money.

However, Elly Mheshimiwa called us together for a cup of tea and stated he would pay the money owed to his rival,” Kayfar told Spice via phone.

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