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Prominent People who are Likely to Attend President Kenyatta’s Inauguration

November 25, 2017

The Government states 20 heads of state will attend 28th Tuesday swearing-in ceremony for President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta. And police-officers have been recalled from other regions to beef up security in Nairobi.

The swearing-in committee, led by Chief of Staff Joseph Kinyua, revealed to the press that they had already compiled the list of foreign dignitaries the State intends to invite.

While the list of the attending 20 leaders has not yet been released. Here are some of the leader who are likely to appear at the ceremony.

1. Israeli PM Netanyahu
2. Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli
3. Paul Kagame
4. Yoweri Museveni
5. Jacob Zuma
6. Businessman Aliko Dangote
7. Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi
8. China’s President Xi Jinping
9. German Chancellor Angela Merkel
10. United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May
11. Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari
12. Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
13. His Highness the Aga Khan

Speaking to the standard, One of the committee members in charge of this process had to say this.

“We are preparing for the swearing-in ceremony of the President even as we go through the constitutional timelines and processes. That list contains the President’s friends, African and other world leaders we intend to invite to the fete. It is just an ordinary preparation process,”

The law demands the swearing-in of the President-elect be carried out in a public ceremony held in the capital city.

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