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Olx Kenya – Review & Products

August 18, 2017

Olx Kenya is one of the biggest market place listings in Kenya. OLX launched in Kenya in 2012 and focused on becoming the best platform connecting buyers to sellers and vice versa. Most of the goods traded on the olx platform are used goods, but with time OLX has continued to partner with retailers to sell their products on the site.

Olx is one of the biggest buy and sell platforms in Africa: Currently operating in 7 African countries namely:

  1. Olx Egypt http://www.olx.com.eg/
  2. Olx Ghana http://www.olx.com.gh/
  3. Olx Kenya http://www.olx.co.ke/
  4. Olx South Africa http://www.olx.co.za/
  5. Olx Tanzania http://www.olx.co.tz/
  6. Olx Uganda http://www.olx.co.ug/
  7. Olx Nigeria http://www.olx.com.ng/

OLX was founded in 2006 in Argentina and is currently operating in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Here in Kenya, more than 150,000 people use olx for listing products to potential customers while others use olx to buy goods of services.

How to access OLXkenya

You can access olx Kenya by using their website https://www.olx.co.ke/ or by downloading their mobile app via Google play store click here.

How to Post an AD on OLX Kenya

To post an advertisement on olx follow these simple steps:

  • First, create an account on olx
  • After account creation click on “sell my item.”
  • Enter information about your item (category, pictures, title, description and contact information )
  • Click post.

After clicking post, your ad will be submitted to the olx team for review. Once your ad has been published OLX will send you an email or SMS confirming the status of your AD.

You can refer to the AD posting rules.

OLX Kenya Country manager

The man currently in charge (2017) of OLX Kenya is Peter Ndiang’ui a native resident of Nyeri. Peter studied at Nyeri High School and proceeded to JKUAT. After JKUAT, he traveled to Australia for science masters specializing in internet technology. And it goes by saying Peter Ndiang’ui is a great fan of Arsenal and Gor Mahia.

You can watch the following videos to know more about the OLX manager.

Paul Ndiang’ui on olx challenge.

OLX Kenya Introduces Kilimo Smart

Olx recently launched Kilimo Smart OLX centers to help farmers’ access farm inputs and goods bought via the platform. The Kilimo smart program is a partnership between OLX, Mavuno Technology and OSHO Chemicals and soil care. The Kilimo Smart program uses USSD services dubbed an SMS service. Farmers who do not have access to the internet can now through this mode and collect their goods at their nearest collection centers. The service is available by keying in/dialing *887#.

“To enable these farmers, generate more yields, it is important that right farm inputs are at their disposal. We are working with input partners Mavuno Technology, Osho Chemicals, and Soil care to ensure farmers access quality inputs through our platform. OLX has expanded the agriculture category by not only providing farmers a platform to sell their products and livestock, but it has also given them an opportunity to access farm inputs to increase yields.” -OLX country manager Peter Ndiang’ui

OLX Sets Up Soil Lab for Farmers

Olx has started mobile soil testing in agricultural zones in Kenya. This is to provide the correct mix of fertilizer bought on its platform.

The test will look to establish the suitability of using different types of fertilizers in given locations.

The partnership with a Dutch firm SoilCares Ltd will comprise a truck equipped with equipment for analyzing soil samples and determine nutrient levels, acidity, deficiencies and general health of tested soils.

OLX introduces Banner Ads

Olx Kenya currently sells in over 12 Categories where a user selects the suitable category to post.

Olx has also introduced banner ads and premium feature listings. The move which is set to increase their revenue will see its over 150,000 daily users pay between 999 and 5499 on product adverts depending on the category and number of days their advert will remain on the top position.

In a statement, OLX Kenya manager said that OLX will always be free but, they have added a pay option feature for those seeking to sell their products faster by increasing visibility to a wider audience.

OLX Soma Awards

The OLX Kenya social media award, SOMA, is an award designed to celebrate the best personalities, organizations and identify opportunities on social media annually. This year (2017) SOMA awards celebrated its fifth year.

The OLX Soma award is a partnership between Eyeballs Africa LTD and various sponsors.

Soma award first launched in 2013, and each year they continue to live up to the expectations by promoting equal chance to every participant.

Zawadika na OLX

Gospel artiste Size S and DJ Soxxy partnered with OLX in a campaign dubbed Zawadika na OLX, which will see women ¬ and even men share baby shower plans of their pregnant friends and stand a chance to win shopping for them on OLX. Baby shower planners will be asked to share their plans with OLX through a WhatsApp number and stand a chance to win a grand prize for their expectant friend from OLX. One group will be selected for this grand prize. So if you are planning a baby shower, call Size 8!

OLX Kenya vs. Pigiame

Online classified sites have been gaining ground in Kenya. Companies such as Pigiame and OLX Kenya have come up with products and services that give more value to the user.

Pigiame is a Swahili word translated to English means ‘Call me.’  Pigiame launched in Kenya on 2011 and is part of Ringier Africa Company. Pigiame as a platform allows anyone to sell their products free via the platform.

Diffrence between Olx Kenya and Pigiame

Olx Kenya

Pigiame Kenya

  • Higher paid advert costs
  • No business pages
  • No verification
  • Lower advert costs
  • Premium business pages
  • Verified seller badges

For more differences on these two classified site read the article The differences between Pigiame paid ads and OLX paid ads by Njeri Karanja.

OLX contact

For any queries or comments, you can contact OLX Kenya via:

  1. Their website. click here
  2. Facebook Page. click here
  3. Twitter Page. click here
  4. Telephone call 0709924000

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