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9 possible Ways of Making Money online In Kenya

August 13, 2017

With the rise of technology, most people seem to be going online to find solutions to their problems. From students who pay for their essays to be written to bloggers who need articles written for their blogs. All this are opportunities that are available online. Making money online is not as hard as it seems, dedication and keeping yourself focused will help you earn that passive income.

Here are the possible ways of making money online.

9 Possible Ways Of Making Money Online



Blogging is a form of interactively posting content on the web. It takes time and patience to start making money off a blog. To make money blogging one needs to either own a custom or free domain. You can sign up for a word press, blogger or any other blogging platform to start your blogging career.


Academic writing and Article writing both fall in the same category. Academic writing requires extensive research and requires one to adhere to the referencing guides. To start academic writing, you should be well conversant with English and be good in grammar. In addition, you also need to own an academic writing account or be working for someone. Some of the top academic writing accounts include Uvocorp, Academic experts, 4writers, Writers lab, Academia research, etc. Article writing, on the other hand, is entirely different from academic. In article writing, there are no referencing guides to follow. Article writing accounts are easier to apply for as compared to academic writing. These are some of the best websites where you can get article writing jobs.


The forex market (Foreign exchange market) is a decentralized market for the trading of currencies. Forex trading includes buying, selling or exchanging currencies at a determined price. Becoming a successful online trader does not happen overnight. It takes your time and patience. A beginner in the forex world has His challenges. Most beginners tend to be led by the greed of making more money. They end up risking too much from the very start.

In Kenya, the forex market is still new. Most people who invest their money end up making losses and losing all their hard earned invested capital. This is because most lack or have very little knowledge on forex trading. If you want to be a forex trader yourself, then you need to learn the basic forex trading concepts. You can get this information online by using any search engine. But if you want to learn from the experts consider opening a demo account from any reputable broker like FX-Pro.
Acquiring the skills of forex trading is the first step to being a successful online trader. Although some people may argue getting an account should be the first step, most traders who get trained before venturing into forex trading have higher chances of making it big.


Transcription is the listening and translation of audio to written form. To start transcribing one needs to be a good listener and a fast typist. You will also need to have a desktop computer, reliable internet connection and own a pair of head phones. There are two types of transcription;

• Audio transcription.
• Video transcription.

Should you want to venture into the transcription world, you should be up to the challenges by getting relevant training. You can check out Workonlinekenya for transcription related issues.


A social media manager is a person in charge of running a social media account on behalf of an individual or a corporate. It requires one to post engaging content, reply to messages and queries to keep the account active.


Forums are interactive websites to which people post and discuss issues concerning different topics. Earning real cash from a paying forum takes time and patience. This is because most forums not every forum on the internet pays for posting or providing valuable feedback.


Online betting is by far one of the fastest ways to make money online. To start betting you need to register with one of the local bookies e.g. Sportpesa, Elitebetkenya or Betway. After successful registration, you should deposit your stake and login to start placing bets. Winning a single or a multi-bet requires both research and luck. Your winnings are calculated by multiplying the number of odds by the stake.


Making a decent income online has always seemed like a challenge to most people. In most cases, people never have the skills required or are always looking at the wrong places for jobs. Online jobs are mostly computer based like graphic design, logo making, software design, etc. You can get this jobs on an online site like Fiverr where you can bid for any job you have expertise.


There are tons of online survey sites on the internet. Online surveys require you to fill questionnaires, provide data about a product or give feedback to a service rendered. There are only a handful of legitimate paying survey sites, which makes most of them scams. One of the best paying online survey sites I know is my voice Africa.

Making a living online can be a hard tussle. The online world is vast, and any eventuality can occur. To be on the safer side always look out for the credibility of the person or site hiring you to work for them. You can also warn other freelancers in the case you come up against a conman or non-paying employer. Do you have other ways of making money online? Please feel free to share with us.


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