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First Diet Proven to Help Bowel Disorders such as IBS

August 13, 2017

First of all, what is the low-FODMAP diet?

Well, each character of that acronym stands for a group of foods: The F is for fermentable, O for oligosaccharides (wheat, garlic, onion), D for disaccharides (milk, ice cream), M for monosaccharides (apples, pears, honey) and P for polyols. All of these are sugars in daily foods, but many are poorly assimilated in the small intestines where they hang around fermenting, producing gas and making you bloated.

Researchers conclude they’re responsible for the discomfort and bloating of IBS. This is the first evidence-based nutrition proven to reduce IBS symptoms, with a success rate of up to 75%

  • IBS can cause extreme distress
  • All foods considered high in FODMAPs are eliminated from the nutrition for a six to eight-week period including garlic, onion, mangoes, peaches, milk, wheat, barley, rye, asparagus, peas, sweetcorn, beans, cashews, and jams
  • Next, there is reintroduction, where little amounts of high-FODMAP foods are slowly drawn back into the diet.
  • It’s crucial that all parts of the FODMAP diet are guided by a qualified dietitian to avoid nutritional deficiencies and maximize the chances of success.

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