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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – What You Should Know?

August 13, 2017

Search engine optimization popularly referred to as S.E.O is the process of getting or increasing traffic to your web pages by the use of search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc. The aim of S.E.O is to improve your rank in search engines.

Making it to the top list of search engines comes with a price reasonably good for the purpose intended. Programmers, web developers or online marketers come in handy in the process of increasing your S.E.O rank. There are also several good programs you can also use to optimize your website pages like Web CEO, Advanced Web Ranking, and .S.E.O Power Suite among many others.

Optimizing web pages is no walk in the park; it requires skilled individuals to get you up there. The internet is a vast space and scammers are easy to come across; they tend to offer the best deals just to get the money to their pockets. Investing in professional, reliable and accredited search engine experts is a must. The results after optimizing a web page depend on what your website is all about, for example, an e-marketing site will get more sales, entertainment, news or informative site will get more visitors.

Keywords used also influence the type and number of visitors a site will get.

The process of optimizing a web page requires consideration of:
• How search engines work
• Keywords
• Content
• Targeted audience
• What people are searching online.

How search engines work

Search engines such as google implement three different stages of working. First, the search engine indexes different web pages and stores them. Second, when the user types his/her query, the search engine looks for relevant content in the indexed database. Third and last the search engine displays the relevant search result to the user. You can improve your SEO by submitting your sitemap to different search engines to make sure they index your site.


Keywords play an important role when it comes to search engine ranking. If you are running a niche site, your keyword should be high ranking with low competition and wisely chosen. The use of your keyword in your blog influences your search position.


When it comes to SEO content is king. For a blog to rank high in search engine not only do you need keywords but quality content. Your content should offer solutions to people needs or address various topics. To get the quality content, you can hire freelancers on sites like Iwriter or Fiverr.

Targeted audience

Why target audience?If you decide to start marketing your blog through SEO, targeting a particular audience works better than general targeting. Targeting your audience makes it possible for you to custom build your blog to their preferences.

What people are searching online?

Trends and other online analytics can influence your search engine ranking. When you observe sites like trends.google.com to get the trending topics, you can prepare by writing relevant content to Carter the users needs.

Investing in your website can significantly influence your income. Top website earners both look up to S.E.O to get the traffic they need to monetize their web pages. Think twice when the deal is sweet is the rule you should use to choose your search engine optimizer. Always if possible pay after the services.

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