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Survey to Establish Kenya’s Literacy Levels Underway

November 27, 2017

The government is in the process of conducting a survey to establish the levels of literacy of Kenyans, the Adult and Continuing Education director Irreneous Kinara has said.

He said the study, National Literacy Survey, will be the second in the country after the first one was held in 2006, The Kenya National Adult Literacy Survey.

Kinara was speaking during a validation workshop in Nairobi on the one report on adult and continuing education in West Pokot.

According to the Kenya National Adult Literacy Survey, 2006 Report, an average 38.5 percent (7.8 million) of the Kenyan adult population was illiterate, while the age cohort 15 to 19 years recorded a literacy rate of 69.1per cent.

Kinara said the planned survey aims at determining the magnitude, levels and distribution of adult literacy for persons aged 15 and above, obtaining comprehensive data and information on adult literacy education

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