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Warning more mental anguish ahead.

October 31, 2017


As you learn to assess points of view and assumptions, it will likely ‘Bruise” your own belief system. This is due to the fact that you will come to question your existing points of view and assumptions. Everyone starts with a fairly well-developed “belief system” or “dominant ideology”. The belief system is based on inputs since birth from your parents, family, religion, schooling, media, etc. and as you learn to assess others’ points of view and assumptions, you will likely call into question many of your own. This is normal and is just one more step in becoming a critical thinker.

It is quite easy to fall prejudice, therefore, its always advisable to question your ideas and beliefs. On a research conducted among mobile users, it was noted that people are not open to change. For instance, Android users said they preferred Android to other phones likes windows though most of the users had never used other phones that are not powered by Android. this prove that people will believe on lines of beliefs and not argument and reason

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